A NEW production of a play with a “mixture of words, rock ‘n roll, and quotes” in memory of Wilko Johnson has been announced.

The Queens Theatre in Hornchurch has confirmed it will host more than 20 shows titled “Wilko” between February 1 and 24.

The show is a production of a new play telling the “amazing, uplifting, true story of Wilko, the Canvey legend”.

Canvey music legend Wilko Johnson passed away at the age of 75, back in November 2022.

The Dr Feelgood and Game of Thrones star was born on Canvey, and in 2013, become the face of the historic Southend Railway Hotel.

Johnson was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer in 2013 and given just 10 months to live.

However, later tests showed his cancer was not as aggressive as previously thought and an operation was offered as a chance to save his life.

After an 11-hour procedure which removed a tumour, his pancreas, spleen, parts of his stomach and intestines, and some blood vessels from around his liver, the musician was declared cancer-free.

The production will tell Johnson’s story through a “mixture of words, rock ‘n roll, and quotes from the man himself”.

The age guidance for the show is 11+ and does contain “strong adult language”.

For more details, visit www.queens-theatre.co.uk/whatson/wilko/