A magpie trapped behind a high street shop's built-in display case just days before Christmas has been rescued by hero wildlife hospital workers.

The poor bird had been flying around Superdrug in Basildon when he managed to slip down behind the large case and was trapped almost 20 metres from the nearest opening.

South Essex Wildlife Hospital, based in Orsett, was tasked to rescue the bird, but even their longest nets were unable to fit in the space.

The team left food, water and light at the entrance after creating a small gap, in an effort to encourage the magpie back into the store.

Thankfully, he had managed to find his way back out of the hole the next morning. Once he was free, lead vet Tom and rescuer Joe caught him up and released him back outside in time for Christmas.

A hospital spokesman shared: "When it's Christmas eve, the last thing you want to do is to get stuck in a shop! Unfortunately for this poor magpie, that's EXACTLY what happened!"

They added: "If you would like to give our team a little Christmas present this year, please consider donating at southessexwildlife.org/donate. We can only do what we do thanks to your support!"