A MUM has been left traumatised and “scared to walk her dog” after being attacked by an “off-lead and out of control” Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Basildon.

Zoe Mott, 36, was walking her beagle, Max, in King Edward Road, Laindon, when the dog charged at them and attacked both Zoe and Max.

The mum claimed she initially heard the dog, believed to be a Staffordshire Bull Terrier “growling at them” from further up the road.

Moments later, the off-lead dog ran at Zoe and Max and bit the pet-owner and her dog.

The incident took place at roughly 7pm on Friday and left Max in need of treatment at the vets while Zoe received treatment at hospital for cuts.

Zoe said: “I quickly grabbed my dog to try and hold him up as I knew it was coming over to attack.

“But the dog was very aggressive, it ripped my coat and bit my arm. I was circling and shouting as I was so scared for Max.

“The owner had no control and couldn’t get him to stop.

“The dog then got hold of my dog’s leg and kept pulling at it. The dog would not let go of him and had locked his jaws around his leg.

“I was really panicking and screaming for help as I couldn’t get this dog off mine myself.

“After a few minutes of me screaming, and my dog crying, a man came out of his house and managed to get the dog off Max.”

Zoe said the woman then took her dog as she was trying to get away and make sure Max was OK.

She added: “It was so dark, but I could see a lot of blood. I rushed home and away and put my dog straight in the bath to see how bad his wounds were.

“Max had multiple deep cuts on his leg, and scratches on his stomach. He was limping and unable to put weight on his leg. He has had treatment at the vets since and I also had to have my arm checked at the hospital.

“The attack has left me feeling very traumatised and scared of walking him again. It was the most horrific experience.

“It has been really upsetting seeing Max like this too. He is such a lovely friendly dog that has been attacked for no fault of his own.

“Owners of these dogs just do not care and are so irresponsible.”

The incident has been reported to Essex Police. 

A spokesman for Essex Police said: "We received a report of a dog being attacked by another dog, on King Edwards Mead in Laindon at around 7pm on December 29. 

"Enquiries remain ongoing."