A DOG sold on the streets of Southend found a perfect family home – but now has to be uprooted and sent to Scotland to escape the ban on XL bullies.

Charlie Boys Angels, a charity helping homeless and vulnerable residents with their animals, have arranged for Boza, a XL Bully puppy, to start a new life and he is “already settling in well”.

The charity initially became aware of the puppy when he was living with a homeless man on Southend Cliffs in a “worrying condition” before going missing.

Last week, the Echo revealed Boza had been found and was living happily with a family in Essex who had bought him off the streets and were unaware of the background.

Now, Lynne Channell, founder of Charlie Boys Angels charity, has confirmed testing revealed Boza is in an XL Bully and he has been sent to live with a new family in Scotland to escape the ban.

Echo: Relaxed - Boza settling into his new home in ScotlandRelaxed - Boza settling into his new home in Scotland (Image: Newsquest)

She said: “This was the hardest decision ever in terms of where this little one should live for the rest of his life. It wasn’t easy and wasn’t done lightly.

“But we all agreed that Scotland is safer for him and won’t impact on his ability to just be a normal dog. We want him to be free.

“The family who had Boza are in contact with the new family in Scotland and lots of updates will be given. This will be another loving home where he will be able to grow up without being discriminated against.”

In the UK, following new restrictions on XL Bully dogs, it is now illegal to “breed, sell, advertise, gift, exchange, and abandon these dogs”.

Back in November, a frantic search was launched across Southend and an appeal issued by Essex Police Boza was “sold without consent”.

Boza was found in a worrying condition living with a homeless man sleeping rough on Southend Cliffs and charity Charlie Boys Angels arranged for it to go into foster care.

However, both the man and the dog disappeared, sparking the search and investigation.

Lynne added: “The charity has also fully refunded everything the family here paid out to get Boza safe. It is only right they were refunded.

“I want to thank everyone who stepped up and help us throughout this whole thing.”