DUMPED rubbish and flytipping has stopped a “distressed” elderly woman seeing her disabled son as his carers “can’t get through” piles of rubbish outside her Basildon home.

The footpath outside the 85-year-old’s house in Clay Hill Road is blocked, restricting access for her wheelchair-bound son.

Her other son, Darren Pallett, 54, of Gobians, has reported the recent spate of flytipping, which started on December 6, to Basildon Council four times. 

However, he claims the council “has done nothing” to resolve it and the issue has become worse since Basildon Council overhauled its bin collections at the end of November. 

Darren said: “It’s an eyesore but these disgusting people keep doing it.

Echo: Piles of rubbish bags have been left on the footpath.Piles of rubbish bags have been left on the footpath. (Image: Darren Pallett)

“Every week, there are more bags. It’s being used as a dumping ground. People dump stuff - they know the council won’t take, so we have to call them. My mum’s distressed as she worries about the vermin it could attract. She’s petrified of rats.”

While flytipping has been an ongoing issue for Darren’s mother, he says the council’s new waste collection scheme “hasn’t helped”.

He said: “If people can’t fit their rubbish into the new black bins over two weeks, how else do you get it taken away? The council isn’t thinking about the consequences.”

Echo: Darren says the council has removed discarded carpets but left the rubbish bags.Darren says the council has removed discarded carpets but left the rubbish bags. (Image: Darren Pallett)

Darren’s 52-year-old brother recently moved to Morello Quarter, a nearby care facility, and was being taken to visit his mother. However, his carers say the piles of rubbish have blocked the footpath, restricting access to the house.

They cannot enter via the front door due to high steps.

Darren’s family moved to the house in 1979, and his mother has lived there ever since. He says the issue of flytipping “has never been as bad as this”.

Carpets, television stands and chairs have been discarded outside the house.

Basildon Council insists it takes flytipping “very seriously”.

A spokesman said: “In 2021/22, Basildon ranked third in national league table for environmental enforcement, issuing 6,420 fixed penalty notices across all environmental offences.

“We investigate every report of flytipping we receive and take the necessary enforcement action to keep the area a place to be proud of. This case will be investigated, and the necessary enforcement action taken.”