A CANVEY cafe specialising in deliveries claims it has been left with “no choice” but to close at weekends because of constant issues with traffic on the island.

Munchies, in Shannon Way, initially opened four years ago and has become popular on the island with residents.

Despite the cafe’s small size, it has been a hit with deliveries and takeaways but bosses announced “it is no longer viable” for them to open at the weekend going forward.

They insisted the “main factor” was the traffic on the island making it impossible for them to deliver a reliable service to customers.

A spokesman said: “We have been working things out and unfortunately it is just not viable for us to open weekends going forward.

“Obviously, the main factor is out of our control, and this is traffic on and around Canvey at the weekends.

“It is just taking us too long to get deliveries out to our customers, it is too stressful for our staff, drivers, and management.

“We will be re-opening on Mondays so the cafe will again be Monday to Friday 8.30am-3.00pm.

“I hope you all understand and continue to support us. Apologies for any inconvenience.”

Ray Howard MBE, former long-standing Canvey councillor, admitted the island is gridlock all the time, and highlighted how he campaigned for years to help tackle the issue.

In 2018, Mr Howard opened a new access road between Haven Road and the terminal in Thames Road, which linked up with the £18.5million Roscommon Way extension.

However, the final phase which would have seen it connected from Haven Road through to Thorney Bay Road never came through, to Mr Howard’s frustrations.

He added: “The Island is gridlock. It is like it all the time on weekends. It really is a problem, and I am really concerned about it.

“Since I left office, I was campaigning always for the last phase of Roscommon Way.

“In my opinion, we needed that last phase of Roscommon Way, which carried on from Haven Road, and around to Thorney Bay Road.

“I understand the cafe’s decision as there is constant traffic, the island is gridlock.

“Something needed to be done. I was constantly on my feet raising the infrastructure issue.

“We need improvements, including a new road off too.”