A DISABLED woman has been forced to use a "portable toilet" in her home after drainage issues have led to flooding. 

Lisa Crouch, 43, claims she is unable to use her toilet, shower, or any taps in her Plumleys home without "water rising and pouring out into her home" because of a "collapsed drain" in her garden. 

The resident claims to have repeatedly contacted the council since the issue began on December 21, but has only been given a chemical toilet to use in the meantime and told repairs will not happen until January 18. 

As a result, she has been travelling to her parents to shower and claims the chemical toilet, which stores waste in a box underneath, wreaks. 

The 43-year-old claims she has been told the issue relates to "collapsed drain" in her garden following the removal of a large tree several years ago. 

Echo: Resident - Lisa CrouchResident - Lisa Crouch (Image: Lisa Crouch)

Ms Crouch said: “It’s killing me because I have osteoporosis, which means my bones are fragile and more likely to break, and having to result to a portable toilet is disgusting.

"I use it in the bathroom and leave it in the garden waiting for it to be collected for disposal.

"It's vile and a little bit embarrassing for me to use because it's not adequate for someone who's got a disability. 

“I can’t use my toilet or shower in case the water builds up and pours into my home again, and I’m having to go to my parents’ home to wash.

Echo: Replacement - porta looReplacement - porta loo (Image: Lisa Crouch)

Echo: Wrapped up - portable toiletWrapped up - portable toilet (Image: Lisa Crouch)

“This is all because there was a large tree in my sunken garden years ago, which has been ripped out, and there’s apparently problems with the roots, which has caused the drains to collapse.

“I’ve been told that I need to wait until January 18 for the drains to be unblocked, and I can’t wait that long.

“I pay my rent and taxes, and I just want the council to sort it out so I can live a stress-free life.”

The resident, who has lived in a series of council homes, claimed in August she had racked up £108,000 of debt after taking out loans and borrowing cash to pay for repairs after being met with leaks, floods, mould and "shoddy homes" consistently.

At the time, the council stated the case was being handled by an insurance company. 

The Echo repeatedly contacted Basildon Council about the drainage issues but the council failed to respond.

Echo: Investigating - Anglian Water crew member looking at the drainInvestigating - Anglian Water crew member looking at the drain (Image: Lisa Crouch)