A BELOVED mum and counsellor said her severe anxiety and depression was like “torture every day” in a video message to family before taking her own life, an inquest has heard.

Nadia Wyatt, 53, was found dead at her home in Devereux Way, Billericay, on July 26 last year.

She had stand alone incidents of mental health issues in 2014 and 2023 and was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, which she took medication for.

On July 26, Nadia was found by her husband in her home. Police were called and she was pronounced dead at 9.02pm.

Nadia spent more than 15 years as a counsellor in Billericay, specialising as a trauma specialist.

An inquest was held in Essex Coroner’s Court, Chelmsford, on Monday to establish the cause of Nadia’s death.

Rebecca Mundy, assistant coroner, said: “Nadia was an intelligent and articulate woman that struggled with her mental health.

“It was clear that she had a desire to want to get better, but in June 2023 she expressed fears she would never feel better and vocalised fears nothing was working.

“It is more likely than not that Nadia deliberately undertook this act.”

On two occasions shortly before Nadia’s death, on July 5 and 8, she left handwritten notes for family. On both occasions she contemplated taking her own life before being found by police and taken to hospital.

Nadia was admitted to a mental health ward on July 10 and prescribed different medication, but she felt nothing was working and expressed a desire to return home.

As she was not detained under the Mental Health Act, she was discharged on July 17.

During this period, Nadia had to cancel appointments with her clients as a counsellor due to her mental health and “burnout”.

She began calling other mental health professionals on July 23 sounding “desperate” leading one to call the police.

Insp Laura Farnsworth, from Essex Police, said: “The caller on July 23 said they were extremely worried about Nadia and concerned she was going to end her life.”

Ms Mundy ruled the cause of death as suicide.

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