It is just days away from the return of Gladiators on the BBC and one of the 'superhumans' on the show, who contestants will be going up against, is from Essex.

Jade Packer is an online fitness coach and is going by the title 'Electro' on the show.

She can squat 100kg, which is the same as standing up whilst carrying 12 watermelons, stands at a height of 5ft 8ins and has a bicep measuring 32cm.

Her key attributes are listed as strength, skill and determination which will pose a tricky task for contestants on Gladiators.

All you need to know on Electro from Gladiators

Jade Packer is described as being proficient in multiple sports and fitness disciplines, as reported by The Sun.

Alongside sprinting and bodybuilding, Jade is a big fan of CrossFit which has helped hone her skills and reach her true “athletic potential” and she also works as a sports model.

Talking to the BBC about why she wanted to become a Gladiator, Jade said: "I wanted to become a Gladiator because, throughout my fitness journey, I was inspired by watching other people be inspiring in sport.

"I believe it's a good opportunity for the new generation to see people who potentially look like them, or who they can relate to and then get themselves into the sport, wherever that may be, or just to realise that they can do things that they haven't imagined before."

In terms of how she would sum up Gladiators, she said: "I would use the term ‘nostalgia’. This series reflects the original series but in an amped-up modern way.

"It gives that nod to the original series but while also being something completely different. I feel like the Gladiators all look very different to the original Gladiators line up in terms of representation and having different stories and different backgrounds."

When does Gladiators start on BBC?

The series which was filmed in Sheffield last year, will launch on BBC One on January 13 at 5.50pm and be available to rewatch on BBC iPlayer.

The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh and his son Barney will host the 11-episode series, which will see the Gladiators take on contenders in new and old games, culminating with the classic challenge The Eliminator.

As well as bodybuilders, among the Gladiators line-up are Olympians and weightlifting champions.