A FURIOUS pensioner has won her fight to get a parking fine overturned after claiming “incorrect signs” are in place in a Pitsea car park.

Christina Sutton, 77, from Pitsea, parked her car in the car park at The Range, on Northlands Pavement, in a blue badge holders only space next to a sign “clearly displaying a four-hour max stay”.

However, she was handed a £100 fine and told parking rules in the car park have changed so shoppers can only park for three hours for free.

Christina acknowledged that some of the signs in the car parks had changed to say “three-hour max stay”. However, the sign where she parked by the blue badge spaces still say “four hours”.

Christina repeatedly appealed the fine but her bid was rejected.

After Parking Eye were contacted by the Echo, with the photographic evidence, they have overturned her fine and stated that the sign has been “vandalised”.

Before hearing the news that her fine had been overturned, Christina said: “I went in there for my normal shopping. I am a blue badge holder, and thought they were giving me an extra hour as that is what the sign says.

“I am livid to be treated so badly. I am a blue badge holder and parked in a disabled parking bay with a sign saying I could do so for four hours.

“I only parked for three hours and 20 minutes and was fined £100.”

Christina was initially hit with the fine in August, and has spent the last four months attempting to get the fine overturned.

Craig Rimmer, Basildon Conservative councillor for Pitsea South East, joined Christina in her parking fine fight.

He said: “I was absolutely appalled that Christina could be fined in this way. I am glad that common sense has prevailed in the end.”

A spokesman for Parkingeye confirmed the fine will be cancelled, and stating the sign had been vandalised.

They said: “The car park at The Range in Pitsea features prominent and highly-visible signs throughout providing information on how to use the car park responsibly.

“We have been made aware that one of the Blue Badge Holder signs have been vandalised and we will repair this as a matter of urgency. We will also cancel the motorist’s PCN.”