THE relieved owner of a dog who went missing before turning up on an airport runaway has said she was “very emotional” upon being reunited with her pooch.

Lottie, a small chihuahua cross terrier, vanished from her home in St James Gardens, Westcliff, near the St Thomas More School, on January 9.

The dog’s devoted owner, Liz Bibby, believes Lottie escaped through a tiny gap at the back of the family’s summer house.

In the hours and days which followed her disappearance, eyewitnesses reported seeing her at various locations.

Neighbours say they saw Lottle running up St James playing fields and then in Wellstead Gardens before she was also spotted in Kenilworth Gardens at about 8pm.

Echo: Relaxed - Lottie spent time resting at home after being foundRelaxed - Lottie spent time resting at home after being found (Image: Liz Bibby)

After reportedly been seen in Eastwood Boulevard, some residents also reported clocking the cute pooch near Tesco on the A127 towards the Toby Carvery.

Liz said: “It was very upsetting - my son wasn’t very well and I thought he’d taken her to his bedroom to snuggle as she’s close with him.

“I came to collect Lottie but the panic set in when my son said he didn’t have her so we began searching up and down.

“Tillys Angels were marvellous with helping us sort out leaflets and torches, they also had a volunteer group who sent out an infrared drone.

“I had all sorts of thoughts going through my head about her possibly being hit by a car or attacked by foxes.”

Echo: Adorable - Lottie's family were delighted when she was foundAdorable - Lottie's family were delighted when she was found (Image: Liz Bibby)

Remarkably, three days after going missing, Lottie was spotted running along the runway at Southend Airport.

Flights were reportedly grounded while a rescue mission ensued, before Lottie was eventually brought to safety and reunited with Liz.

Liz added: “Around lunch time on Friday a security officer at Southend Airport called us to say Lottie had been seen on the runway and they were trying to catch her.

Echo: Exhausted - Lottie was tired after running around Westcliff and SouthendExhausted - Lottie was tired after running around Westcliff and Southend (Image: Liz Bibby)

“Police came along and Lottie ran to a young, blonde officer - she probably felt familiar with her as I’ve got blonde hair too.

“My daughter and I went to the airport to pick her up. There was a lot of commotion with people taking videos looking quite emotional seeing us reunited.

“We were very emotional too and were crying as we’d hardly slept - thankfully she’s not come to any harm.”