A TORY MP has welcomed proposals from the Government to help “can the cones” following his campaign to prevent over-running roadworks.

Mark Francois, MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, introduced a Bill into Parliament last year aimed at reducing congestion caused by roadworks and to impose fines on companies that allow roadworks continue longer than expected.

This week, he has welcomed the announcement of similar proposals by the Government.

Last year, Mr Francois met with the previous Roads Minister, Richard Holden MP, to brief him on his Roadworks Bill, which was designed to tighten the issuing of permits for roadworks.

This would also meaningfully increase fines for those that overrun.

Mr Francois launched the campaign after claiming his constituents were “heartily sick and tired” of the amount of roadworks they have had to ensure in recent years.

After yesterday’s news, Mr Francois said: “I am delighted the Government are now publicly committed to tackling the menace of over-running roadworks, including some measures which were in my original Bill.

“I fully support these proposals which should help towards ‘canning the cones’ that so often disrupt our everyday lives and I look forward to debating them further in Parliament, shortly.”

Yesterday’s announcement from the new Roads Minister, Guy Opperman, extends potential fines to weekends and bank holidays which were previously only applied on weekdays.

It also increases their value and diverting revenues from “lane rental schemes” to filling in potholes.

At the time, the minister gave his public support to Mr Francois and said the Government would consider adopting at least some of the Bill’s proposals.

In introducing the Bill, back in March 2023, Mr Francois said: “Although it is rare for Ten Minute Rule Bills to make it on to the statute book, I do hope that during my meeting with the Roads Minister, Richard Holden MP, the Department may adopt the legislation, or at the very least, strengthen government guidance, so that we can finally ‘can the cones’.”