DEFIANT protesters are set to march two miles across Shoebury from one controversial development to another as they join forces to oppose new homes.

Plans for 70 homes at the former Cantel medical site in Campfield Road, and 214 homes at Shoebury’s Garrison have both proved hugely controversial and have sparked a opposition among residents living in Shoebury.

Now, protestors are set to combine together to form a new “action group” raising major concerns over loss of green belt land and open spaces, as well as damage to biodiversity and the loss of trees.

It comes after fears were raised on Tuesday by protestors when plans were submitted to reduce the number of affordable homes at Campfield Road and replace them with “intermediate tenure” properties.

Tim Fransen, Shoebury resident and action group organiser said: “Rather than seeing things as separate, we are working out the best way to connect these two struggles and raise awareness and by touring these sites, we can point out the problems and the ecology of these spaces that are being damaged.

“We are looking to have a protest and an educational awareness raising approach, there is a filmmaker and myself and we wish to revisit these sites.

“Our mission is to protect Shoebury’s cherished green spaces and we are dedicated advocates of sustainable urban development, that works harmoniously with nature and we have been born from a range of groups.

“I did a pilot tour last week and we went around collecting fibreglass at Campfield Road which was strewn over the site, some people weren’t aware.”

Mr Fransen is hoping an upcoming protest at Campfield Road this Saturday, between 11am and 1pm, will solidify plans for further protestors and marches.

Up to 50 are expected to attend the protest.

Mr Fransen added: “Whatever the group and the mission, we are going to be born from people who are focusing on both areas, Campfield and the Garrison, reconnecting those two groups so we are specifically one voice.”