Numerous pets from around Essex are looking for their forever homes - could you help them out?

Whether you want to adopt a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or hamster, there are usually some who want to find a new owner.

There are several RSPCA branches in the county, along with the affiliated Danaher Animal Home.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them, go to either the Essex South, Southend & District branch, the South West branch, or the Danaher Animal Home websites for details.

You can also donate to the charities to help them carry on their rescue work at the same websites.


Echo: MagicMagic (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Male

Age - One year old

Breed - Greyhound

Colour - Black

If you want to adopt Magic you can view their full profile here.

Magic is a dog who is described as having "bundles of personality" and loves a bit of fuss and attention.

He is an ex-racing Greyhound so adopters will need to be aware he has a high prey drive and keep him on a lead when out in public.

Magic does walk well on a lead though and is also quite happy travelling in a car.

He could live with children of secondary school age but not a cat.


Echo: FrenizFreniz (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Male

Age - 13 years old

Breed - Domestic Shorthair crossbreed

Colour - White and Brindle

If you want to adopt Freniz you can view their full profile here.

Freniz is a cat who is described as a "refined and slightly older gentleman" who is looking to relax in a loving new home.

He came into the care of the RSPCA "after being found not in the best condition" but after receiving medical care is ready to find some new owners.

Ideally, Freniz would be the only pet in the home and could live with children over the age of 15, as he is sensitive to handling and touch.

Freniz is quite happy in his own company and it is best to not be expectant of too many lap cuddles.


Echo: LucyLucy (Image: RSPCA)

Gender - Female

Age - Three years old

Breed - Greyhound

Colour - Black

If you want to adopt Lucy you can view their full profile here.

Lucy is a dog who is described as a "gentle soul who wishes for nothing more than love and companionship".

She is a retired racing greyhound who just needs "to be spoiled with love", a comfy bed and a couple of walks a day.

Lucy may need time to get used to living in a home, as sounds from a television or a vacuum may be startling at first.

She travels well in the car and is currently sharing her kennel with another greyhound so could possibly share her new home with a dog of a similar nature.

The RSPCA advises that there be no cats in the home and that children be over the age of 10.

Kookie and Russell

Echo: Kookie and RussellKookie and Russell (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Gender - Female (Kookie) and male (Russell)

Age - TBC

Breed - Standard Chinchilla (Kookie) and English (Russell)

Colour - Grey (Kookie) and black (Russell)

If you want to adopt Kookie and Russell you can view their full profile here.

Both Kookie and Russell came into the care of Danaher Animal Home as strays, but are now looking for a home together.

They would be suitable for owners who have had some experience with this type of animal.

Their profile adds: "If you feel you could give Russell and Kookie their marital home in which to spend the rest of their lives making countless happy memories then please submit an interest form for them."