The top 10 worst places in Essex for reports of bike thefts have been revealed, according to the latest data. 

There were a total of 1,707 bicycle thefts in Essex in 2022, the latest data has revealed, with an overall average bicycle theft rate of 0.92. 

Online cycling coaching programme Thighs Club analysed the latest data to reveal the worst places in Essex for bicycle theft. 

Founder of Thighs Club and former British cyclist Alex Dowsett offered advice on how Essex residents can better protect themselves from bicycle theft, saying: “As an elite cyclist who depends on my bike, seeing the bicycle thefts across Essex is truly disheartening.” 

He continued: “My advice to fellow riders worried about theft - invest in quality locks, including a sturdy U-lock paired with a cable for securing both wheels and the frame.

“Register your bike on databases like BikeRegister and Immobilise. Don't leave it unattended for long stretches. And check if your home insurance covers bicycle theft.”

Alex added: “By taking proactive measures and having each others' backs, we can make the roads safer for Essex cyclists to chase their dreams.” 

The top 10 bicycle theft 'hotspots'

Topping the list is Chelmsford, with 384 reported bike thefts and a per capita theft rate of 3.23 - the highest in the region. 

Myland, a small area near Colchester, follows closely as another hotspot, with a theft rate of 3.12.

Colchester registered 273 thefts, earning a rate of 1.98.  

Meanwhile Harlow has 152 thefts and a 1.74 rate, demanding vigilance from visitors. Basildon saw 183 stolen, with a rate of 1.56.

Along the coast, Southend is the worst for bike thefts with 216 cases and a 1.17 rate. 

Canvey's 41 thefts earn it a 1.06 rate, followed closely by Clacton, with 56 thefts and a 1.04 rate.

Rochford and Maldon cap the list with 10 and 14 reported thefts respectively, with 1.04 and 0.96 rates. 

The 'safest' places to leave a bicycle

Burnham and Hawkwell top the list as the safest areas for leaving bicycles in Essex, with no reported thefts in 2022 according to

Chigwell follows closely behind with just one theft and a negligible 0.07 rate.

Halstead and Great Dunmow also saw only one theft each, with equally slim 0.08 and 0.10 rates.

Rayleigh keeps bike theft low, tallying four thefts for a 0.12 rate. Hockley recorded two thefts at a 0.20 rate. 

Tiptree matches that count of two for a 0.22 rate, the same rate as Waltham Abbey with five thefts.

And Heybridge rounds off the top ten with two thefts as well for a marginally higher 0.23 theft rate.