A KIND-hearted seven year old chose to use money she received for Christmas to help a homeless man in Southend.

Youngster Skylar-Blue Brannon took a trip to Southend High Street on Saturday with her mum and twin sister Sureyya-Rose to browse the shops and treat herself, but was inspired to help someone in need after spotting a rough sleeper in the High Street.

After initially deciding to buy sweets for the man, Skylar-Blue then added gloves, a hat, baby wipes and tissues to her shopping list to kindly donate the items to the man.

Mum Jema Arif, 36, was surprised but exceptionally proud of her daughter’s decision to use her Christmas money in a kind and caring way.

Jema, from Shoebury, said: “We went into Savers, where she saw many things that she thought he would also need.

“She chose a packet of baby wipes, a packet of tissues, and a pair of gloves. However, she wanted to go into another shop and also bought this man a pack of colourful socks, a beanie hat, and a blanket.

“On the way back to give the man the bag of items, Skylar-Blue then stopped in Greggs, and continued to use her Christmas money to purchase him a breakfast roll and a hot chocolate.”

Jema explained to the homeless man what her daughter had done, and the man accepted the gifts before getting “very tearful” at the random act of kindness.

She added: “I work at a charity shop, so my daughters are always used to hearing stories from me and they have also witnessed many underprivileged adults and children before.

“They are very caring girls who have also before donated lots of their toys and clothes to children less fortunate.

“When Skylar-Blue told me what she wanted to do, my heart absolutely melted. We headed around town before doing anything else, and I fully supported her in everything she chose to buy him.

“Skylar-Blue said it made her feel heartwarming and very emotional. She also said it made her day. She has been talking about it ever since.

“Although it was Skylar-Blue’s idea, Sureyya was with us, and she did approach the man with us too to give him the gifts.

“I am mega proud that I have two beautiful, kind, daughters that have got such big kind hearts.”