A LEIGH home believed to be one of the UK’s “most sustainable properties” has opened its doors for residents to view after a huge retrofit project.

Southend Council is inviting residents to view the specially retrofitted house in Juniper Road in a bid to demonstrate the possibilities of sustainable living.

The three-bedroom property is one of the council’s steps towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2030.

Echo: Before - the home in Juniper RoadBefore - the home in Juniper Road (Image: Southend Council)

Jo Gay, head of environment at Southend-on-Sea City Council, said: “The Juniper Road project is a testament to the power of collaboration.

“It is a prime example of how eco-friendly homes can be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, integrating technology seamlessly for everyday living.”

This semi-detached house, unveiled in November last year, displays numerous energy and water-saving features that locals are now invited to witness first hand.

This includes various insulation methods including triple-glazed windows, ventilation, solar panels, and sustainable drainage outside the property with a ‘drought resistant’ garden.

The Juniper Road house will be offered to a family from the council’s housing waiting as part of 110 homes which the council will retrofit to increase energy savings.

Echo: After - the home has been refurbishedAfter - the home has been refurbished (Image: Southend Council)

The council views this initiative as vital due to around 40 per cent of their carbon emissions coming directly from housing.

Councillor Meg Davidson, deputy leader and cabinet member for environment, said: “It’s not just about insulation and energy efficiency. This home also features thoughtful details like sustainable landscaping and a slimline water butt for rainwater recycling.

“The best way to appreciate these features is by visiting and experiencing the space yourself.”

A comprehensive video has been released about the efforts at Juniper Road with interviews from the project team and those holding council portfolios.

Additionally, a podcast is launching early in February where the council’s housing sustainability team will discuss details of this initiative.

The public can visit the house until the end of February by booking via retrofit@southend.gov.uk.