SOUTHEND Council has issued an update after traffic light issues at Kent Elms. 

Earlier this morning, traffic lights went out at the Kent Elms junction Southend causing chaos. 

Daniel Cowan, Labour councillor responsible for the St Laurence ward, called for urgent repairs as drivers were left attempting to cross the junction without lights. 

Southend Council has since issued an update on the traffic light problems. 

A spokesman said: “There was a UK Power Networks (UKPN) power supply failure in the area at 6.11am.

"Temporary display signage was put in place at all approaches and the signals were operational again by 08.27am.”

Drivers took to social media to share their concerns at the time. 

Leigh resident, Amy Watson, in her 40s, said: "All the lights were out, so everyone was trying to get through at the same time.

"It was a bit unnerving for certain. 

"Most people were aware and cautious but there were a few being more aggressive which made it more risky for everyone else. 

"There were children trying to cross the roads on foot and didn't have any assistance. It could have been dangerous."