“DANGEROUS” material exposed during the demolition of part of a former medical centre has been left strewn in trees, gardens and across streets.

Worried residents have complained after large chunks of fibreglass insulation from the demolition of the former Cantel Medical Site, in Campfield Road, Shoebury, which they fear could cause irritation for pets or children.

Developer Taylor Wimpy, which is demolishing the former medical centre and building 70 new homes, has apologised to residents for the mess.

Fibreglass is a common plastic-based form of insulation, containing glass fragments, which can cause irritation if touched or inhaled without protection.

The fibreglass was spotted in Chapel Road, Horseshoe Crescent and Campfield Road.

Shoebury resident and environmental activist, Tim Fransen, said: “I was helping pick up this insulation at the weekend – it shows a total disregard for residents and the site is a complete mess.

“This is a catalogue of misery, there is no silver lining in this, and it feels like the local community and local wildlife are being kicked.

“I walked with my eight-year-old nephew, and he asked me why it is okay for developers to litter when they are told how bad it is at school. I expect to be fined if I litter.”

Developer Taylor Wimpey have blamed issues with the demolition on recent storms, Henk and Jocelyn, with the demolition contractor removing the fibreglass blown over the Christmas period as it was reported.

The developer has admitted that smaller pieces of insulation were reported in properties this week, which have also been cleared.

A Taylor Wimpey spokesman said: “We are sorry that light debris from our demolition work on site has blown into neighbouring gardens during the recent storms and high winds.

“Our contractor visited the affected properties to clear the debris as soon as it was reported and we are taking measures to secure materials in order to prevent this wherever possible.”