A greedy cat who swallowed a two-inch needle and thread has avoided needing stitches thanks to Basildon's specialist vets.

Four-year-old Domino gobbled down the sharp piece of metal after pulling it free from the end of a cotton reel with his claws.

But vets managed to seamlessly remove it after Domino was rushed to a specialist practice – thanks to the surgeon’s pin-point precision.

An X-ray showed the needle embedded in the back of Domino’s mouth, with vets astonished it didn't damage his insides.

Echo: The two-inch needle Domino had swallowed - compared to the size of a penThe two-inch needle Domino had swallowed - compared to the size of a pen (Image: SWNS)

His owner Oliver Tabor, from Rochford, said: “Domino’s very curious, and a little bit greedy, and had pulled out my needle and sewing thread from the end of the cotton reel while I was working and eaten it.

“I quickly realised something was wrong when I heard retching and saw a tiny tail of thread hanging out of Domino’s mouth.”

Domino was rushed to Linnaeus-owned Southfields Veterinary Specialists in Basildon, where vets examined him.

Vets located the needle and managed to carefully grab the end of it with a pair of miniature forceps and pull it out of his mouth.

Echo: Curious cat Domino avoided needing stitches Curious cat Domino avoided needing stitches (Image: SWNS)

Esteban Gonzalez Gasch, head of soft tissue surgery, said: “Domino started coughing up phlegm and fresh blood immediately after he swallowed the needle and thread.

“He was referred to Southfields as an emergency where he was anaesthetised and a thorough oral examination was performed.

“The needle, approximately 5cm in length, was grasped with forceps and gently pulled out.

“X-rays performed afterwards confirmed the needle had been removed completely.

“Domino stayed with us overnight where he was monitored closely and he went home the next day.”

Oliver, who works as a magician, added: “Domino was very upset but everyone at Southfields was very reassuring and gave him lots of attention, which he loves.

“Of the three possible treatment options, it turned out to be the easiest and he was very comfortable.

“Domino’s quality of life is now the same as it was before the procedure, although he demands even more attention and loves his relaxation.”