A BAR could lose its licence for ignoring orders to stop playing music after the council installed sound detection equipment in a neighbouring flat.

Twelve Brunch and Cocktails was banned from playing music by Southend Council after it ruled noise from the Clifftown Road venue was “prejudicial to health”.

A licensing sub committee hearing on Friday heard the premises licence was transferred to Christopher Brown in May but further breaches have occurred since.

At the hearing Southend Council’s licensing officer Adam Penn called for the bar’s licence to be revoked following further breaches.

Mr Brown and his legal team told the hearing that £16,000 of sound proofing equipment had been installed and the sound is “under control”.

However, the hearing heard the council installed recording equipment in the home of a resident who complained and recordings were played during the meeting.

The bar had applied for 16 temporary events notices, however on multiple dates of complaints no notices were in place.

Mr Brown claimed on those dates the noise “must have come from Big News” at 13 Clifftown Road, however no evidence was provided.

The committee heard the bar had also listed events on its website but Mr Brown claimed these events weren’t intended to take place.

However, environmental health officer, Ollie Nawrat, said: “The premises licence holder understood the legality of the situation and our evidence demonstrates pre-mediation and they knowingly provided music.

“Southend Council has tried to bring this premises into compliance. However, they continually fall short of the conditions applied to protect the public.”

Charles Denny, legal advisor for Mr Brown, said: “Mr Brown has spent a considerable amount of money, £16,000 so far to make the premises soundproof. Mr Brown is a very responsible licence holder.”

Mr Brown insisted the noise had been “brought under control” and revoking the licence “doesn’t benefit anyone”.

Mr Penn said: “We say he knowingly did this and that the evidence includes the fact that he submitted temporary event notices to avoid breaching the condition. The claim that Big News was to blame is a red herring in my view.”

A decision will be published later this week.