Dogs Trust Basildon has shared this week's pawed pals in need of new homes, including a lovable Boston terrier and a Labrador.

Sully, a Boston terrier

Echo: SullySully (Image: Dogs Trust)

Sully is two and a half years old and is looking for a home with older teens of 14 plus, as he can become quite stressed and "humps" new people.

He will need a private secure garden he can potter around in without any distractions. Sully can live with other dogs, pending a successful dog introduction at the centre.

He is friendly and playful. Sully can be left for short periods of time alone time, to be built up slowly. Sully travels well in the car. He does have allergies and is trialling new medicine. An understanding of the Brachycephalic breed is desirable.

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Chester, a lurcher cross

Echo: ChesterChester (Image: Dogs Trust)

Chester is nine years and 11 months old. He came to the centre "due to a change in circumstances."

He is ready to search for his forever home, where he can live with calm children aged years and over.

Chester could live with one other calm dog in the home. This couch potato is a friendly boy that soon warms to you and will swamp you with affection. He is currently on a weight management plan as he gained a few pounds in his previous home. Chester loves to play and explore, but new owners will need to be aware of a hip issue, for which he is on joint supplements. He cannot overdo it, but he likes to "mooch around" and should take it nice and slow.

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Jacob, a Labrador

Echo: JacobJacob (Image: Dogs Trust)

One-year-old Jacob can live with children aged 14 years and over that are familiar with friendly but jumpy dogs. He can also be loud when excited and "nippy" with people's hands.

Jacob can live with another calm and confident dog in the home, but he is not a fan of "over the top" play styles. Therefore, careful introductions will be arranged and held at the centre.

Jacob loves to explore and has a very high energy level. He also loves to play plenty of enrichment games and puzzles and is a super foodie.

In summary, Jacob is an over-the-top puppy in a 12-month-old body, who has missed out on essential learning, but is also a loving and affectionate chap. He is seeking an active home where he can channel all his energy and have an understanding of how to manage "mouthy" behaviours.

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Hewey, a border collie

Echo: HeweyHewey (Image: Dogs Trust)

Hewey is a two-year, two-month-old collie who came to the centre through no fault of his own. Being a collie means he is super smart and enjoys mental stimulation as well as being physical.

He can be vocal when being left alone and is not used to the car, so this will need to be built up slowly with patience and training.

A little love and understanding will in return give you a very lovely and affectionate companion.

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Spruce, a lurcher

Echo: SpruceSpruce (Image: Dogs Trust)

Spruce is a six-year-old Lurcher who arrived at the centre through no fault of his own. He can be left alone for up to four hours, which will need to be built up over time.

He is a real foodie who likes his treats but can be a bit "snatchy" and he loves a fluffy toy. Spruce is not used to the car, so that will need to built up slowly with patience and training. Super spruce is a sweet chap with lots of love to give.

If you love a lurcher, then you need not look any further. This lurcher will definitely "spruce" up your life.

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