A FORMER police officer is accused of sexually assaulting a woman whilst she slept and groping her breast after taking her home following a night out.

Steven Tissier, 37, who formerly worked for Essex Police in south Essex, is accused of sexually assaulting the victim and recording himself doing so before sending the videos and pictures to other people.

A trial, at Chelmsford Crown Court, heard the alleged incident occurred in the early hours of March 10 as Tissier took the victim to his mother’s home in Chelmsford following a night out in Shoreditch.

The opening of the trial yesterday heard the victim did not object as she believed Tissier was a married man.

As the victim fell asleep on the living room sofa, Tissier allegedly began running his hand up and down her leg, touching her thigh and bottom over tights.

The trial heard she woke up in a shocked state and Tissier appeared “dismissive” before the victim requested he call her a taxi. He obliged and a few minutes later assaulted her again by putting his hand down her top and groping her breast.

Tissier was arrested on March 13 and 31 and denied sexually assaulting the victim but did confess to rubbing her leg, claiming she “enjoyed it”.

He appeared in Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday as a trial opened.

Matthew Sorel-Cameron, prosecuting, said: “After Mr Tissier groped the victim’s breast, he announced the taxi had arrived and pulled his trouser a little way down, exposing the tip of his private parks.

“The victim told him to behave and to pull his trousers back up, which he did as she left, arriving back at her address at around 5am.

“The following day, on March 10, the victim met with a close friend and told her about the night out, saying at one point she “wanted to bury it at the back of her head’.”

Text messages from Tissier’s phone were examined as it was determined he sent five videos of himself touching the victim.

At 2am on March 10, he sent a text to someone saying ‘I think she’s falling asleep haha xx I’ll try and get some vids if anything untoward happens.’ The trial continues.