ENFORCEMENT action has been approved against a homeowner who built a garage without panning permission and will now have to demolish it.

The owner of 66 Westcliff Park Drive, Westcliff built a 3metre wide garage which projects 2metres in front of the property and ends just over half a metre from the boundary. It includes a covered walkway which was also built without planning consent.

At a development control committee meeting Southend councillors voted unanimously to order action against the homeowner.

A report to Southend Council’s development control committee said efforts to resolve the issue over the timber framed garage failed and a retrospective planning application was refused in June last year.

Planning officers concluded the structure was “unacceptable and harmful for the design and character and highway safety reasons”.

The garage is covered in cladding and includes a “rudimentary balustrade”, which planners said was incongruous.

The breach was discovered after the council received two complaints two complaints alleging that the garage had a flat roof and enclosing balustrade, with the possibility of this being used as a terrace.

Enforcement action in this case will reasonably aim to secure the removal of the garage and covered walkway and to remove from site all materials resulting from compliance.