SEVERE mould and damp has caused “mushrooms” to grow in a woman’s council flat, leaving her desperate to move out. 

Resident Tania Woodward of Stebbings, Langdon Hills, is “at the end of her tether” and says the ordeal has impacted her health.

She claims the problem has caused fungi to grow in her kitchen, hallway, bedroom, and bathroom.

Basildon Council has insisted it takes issues surrounding mould and damp “very seriously” and will visit Ms Woodward’s home on Friday. 

Ms Woodward, 32, said: “This is a health hazard. I am mentally and physically exhausted with stress from fighting with the council for the last three years. You are meant to feel safe in your home – I hate living here.”

Despite ongoing investigations by the council and contractor Morgan Sindall, the cause of the damp has not been found.

Echo: Mushrooms can be seen growing in Tania's kitchen.Mushrooms can be seen growing in Tania's kitchen. (Image: Tania Woodward)

“The council is trying to get to the bottom of it,” the finance worker said.

“They’ve been in my bathroom, on the roof, and in the underground car park below to check for leaks – they can’t find anything. 

“Meanwhile, I’m still having to live here and brush my teeth just feet from the mould. I can’t bear to see the sight of it.

“The council offered to replaster my wall. I said, ‘how can you when it’s still soaking wet and there are mushrooms growing out of it?’”

Ms Woodward has urged to council to move her to temporary accommodation “for just a few weeks” while the problem is resolved, but says she was told she could only be transferred once her home was deemed “uninhabitable”.

Echo: The ordeal has caused 'extreme stress' for Tania.The ordeal has caused 'extreme stress' for Tania. (Image: Tania Woodward)

She added: “I went to the GP because I was so stressed and ended up being prescribed antidepressants. My blood pressure is so high because I’m just fighting this every single day.

“I’ve got to come to work in a busy London environment with this in the back of my mind. I can’t afford not to work. I’ve always paid my rent on time since I moved in five years ago and tried to make it a home. But how can you with this going on?”

A Basildon Council spokesperson said: “We are a responsible landlord and take reports of damp and mould in our properties very seriously.

“We are sorry to learn of Ms Woodward’s experience and have arranged a follow-up meeting at the property on Friday to determine next steps, including whether Ms Woodward can be moved into temporary accommodation.”