The Met Office has issued two amber warnings for snow highlighting the risk of wintry hazards.

The Met Office's warnings for snow and ice cover North Wales from 8am until 3pm on Thursday and the South Pennines and Peak District from 12pm until 6pm on Thursday.

Outside of these amber warnings, there are yellow warnings on Thursday for potentially disruptive snow extending from mid-Wales and the Midlands North.

On Thursday and Friday, south Essex is covered by a 2am to 6am yellow rain warning, which means periods of heavy rain will bring the possibility of disruption to transport.

Residents are warned to expecting potential flooding of homes and businesses, delays to bus and train services and spray and flooding on roads making journey times longer. 

A warning for snow has been issued for Northern Ireland, through disruption here is expected to be more localised.

The UK Health Security Agency has cold-health alerts in force for south Essex, highlighting the possibility of impacts for the health and social care sector.