AS dozens of new flats near completion in Leigh, one councillor has warned they could impact life in the “quaint little seaside town”. 

Three ongoing projects around the Broadway will see more than 50 new flats built this year, including 20 flats at St Clements Gate next to Henry Burgers, 18 flats at the Grand Hotel, and 15 flats opposite the Grand on the site of a former car wash. 

Carole Mulroney, Liberal Democrat councillor for Leigh, worries about the effects of modern developments on the “traditional” town, but developers have insisted they have been designed to fit in with the surrounding area. Echo: 15 new flats are being built opposite the Grand.15 new flats are being built opposite the Grand. (Image: Ben Shahrabi)


She said: “I’ve always worried about that area of Leigh. I think all the development that’s gone on there over the years has created a sort of dark and dismal canyon effect, with those tall buildings either side.

“Leigh is a nice, quaint little seaside town, so we want to keep it as traditional as possible. I’m not against modernising, but it has to fit in with what’s already here.”

Construction of a 20-flat block called St Clements Gate, on the former Overton’s garage, is “almost complete” and developer Elmore Homes has insisted the building was designed with the character of Leigh in mind. 


Echo: Project manager Greg Anslow is 'excited' about the finished project.Project manager Greg Anslow is 'excited' about the finished project. (Image: Ben Shahrabi)

Nick Elmore, director at Elmore Homes, added: “The building we have now completed was designed by a Leigh architect, the late R.S. Coombes, who sought to design a gateway building to enhance the entrance to Leigh Broadway when travelling from Southend.

“It has a stepped effect to line in with the top of The Grand. It was designed to bring many of the Leigh elements together and at the same time provide a modern look to that end of the Broadway.

“We wanted the building to blend as much as possible whilst offering a host of different internal layouts to suit new residents.

“We have laid out off-street parking for all the apartments so that our residents do not have problems in parking and also that we do not use on-street areas already under pressure in this popular area.

“The commercial unit on the ground floor is to be clerical or professional in nature and we have a number of potential businesses looking to move in on final completion.”