A HUGE American burger brand could be coming to a prime spot in Southend High Street after “exciting” new plans were revealed.

Famous hamburger restaurant chain Wendy’s, which has just 22 restaurants in the UK, has applied to put new signs on the former Ponden Home Interiors store in the High Street.

Wendy’s is the world’s third largest hamburger fast-food chain with thousands across the globe, and if approved it will be just one door away from rival McDonald’s.

If the restaurant opens, it will be the chain’s second restaurant in Essex after opening its first in Colchester in July.

Southend Tory councillor for economic development, Daniel Nelson, said: “It’s not been seen before here, it is fantastic and it goes to show that Southend is the best city in the country.

“Having a Wendy’s come here goes to show the proof is in the pudding.

“We have some international brands coming to us. Profit is a dirty word, but not here.

“We changed planning to allow food retailers to take advantage over just the traditional retail high streets across the country. We do need to adapt and become more than just shops.

“This is what we need to be aiming for, it is a great place, and we have a unique offering. You can enjoy a burger from Wendy’s, have a nice time by the beach, enjoy Adventure Island and enjoy life.”

Southend city centre has recently become a hotspot for new restaurants and fast-food chains, with the likes of Wingstop, German Doner Kebab, Wagamama, Punjab Grill, Taco Bell, Sokuri Sushi all opening in the past 18 months.

Plan Burrito is also set to make its debut in the High Street in coming months too.

Southend resident Carolyne Goodall said: “We need something like this to entice people back and then other shops might come down.

“If it improves the area, it is good. We must start somewhere, and it could have a knock-on effect.

“I think that more nice restaurants, not just the fast food is needed and more dining spots.”