Lifeboat crews launched a rescue mission to find a dog "in distress" with a rising tide in Chalkwell.

RNLI volunteers in Southend were paged to launch the Hovercraft lifeboat to a dog in distress south of Chalkwell station last Friday after 2pm.

Further information from the coastguard in Southend revealed the dog was stuck on the mud and isolated 50 meters from shore near Essex yacht club boat racks with a rising tide.

Thankfully, when the RNLI Hovercraft arrived on scene, the dog and owner were located on the beach.

The dog had been recovered by a member of public who had waded out to rescued it.

The volunteer lifeboat crew left a blanket for the dog before they were stood down by the coastguard and returned to station at 3pm.

The rescuer, dog and owner were left in the care of the coastguard  for welfare checks.

The RNLI website gives the following advice to owners walking their dogs close to water: 

  • Keep dogs a lead if close to cliff edges or fast flowing rivers
  • If the dog does go into the water or gets stuck in mud, don't go after them. Move to a place they can get to safely and call the pet - they will probably get out by themselves.
  • If you are worried, call 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard