EIGHT adorable cats and kittens are looking for their loving forever homes this Valentine's Day as an Essex rescue has issued a plea for potential owners to come forward.

Purrs Cat Rescue, which is based near south Essex and works across the county, is appealing for pet lovers to open their homes and take in some of the rescues before the holiday of love.

These are all of the lovely cats still waiting for a home:


Echo: ReubenReuben (Image: Purrs Cat Rescue)

Believed to be only between 11 and 12 months old, Reuben was dumped in a cat carrier in a park which had left him traumatised.

The rescue believes a quiet home would suit him best with another cat of a similar age so he can continue to play and make friends. Reuben loves his foster sisters who have helped him come out of his shell.

He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

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Carol and Candy

Echo: Carol and CandyCarol and Candy (Image: Purrs Cat Rescue)

These beautiful sisters are just four months old and are already looking for a new home.

The rescue says they have amazing confident personalities and are typical kittens who love playing, climbing and exploring the house.

They are fine to live with children and other pets, as well as fully litter trained, spayed chipped and vaccinated.

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Echo: KittyKitty (Image: Purrs Cat Rescue)This would be a home to home adoption, as she is unable to live with the other cats at her current home.

Despite being four years old, Kitty is still a very small cat.

She is very affectionate towards both adults and children, and loves to snuggle. She could also live with a dog-savvy cat.

However, she just does not like other cats so must be the only cat in her forever home.

For more details on Kitty's background, click here. 

Billy and Benny

Echo: Benny and Billy (left to right)Benny and Billy (left to right) (Image: Purrs Cat Rescue)

Billy and Benny are not biological brothers, but brothers by love who cannot be separated.

Just like human boys, these two love to play fight with each other but then cuddle at the end of the day.

Billy is a full black cat who loves adult attention and exploring the garden, but will not be too interested in roaming any further.

Benny is the tabby cat, and is more shy and likes to keep to himself or with Billy. Once he is friendly with adults, he does enjoy some attention.

Benny also likes to roam the garden and will stay close to home.

The boys would need to be with older, calm children. 

Phil and Grant

Echo: Phil and GrantPhil and Grant (Image: Purrs Cat Rescue)

These longhaired boys were found as strays but clearly have had a home in the past, as they are extremely affectionate and friendly, as well as great with children. 

Unfortunately, they do not get along with other cats.

They are only about 9 months to a year old, neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

To adopt any of these cats and kittens, fill out the application form at bit.ly/PurrsAdopt

Purrs Cat Rescue is a small, volunteer-run charity and adhere to the following policies when rehoming their rescues:

  • Kittens are rehomed in bonded pairs.
  • Cats are always neutered, vaccinated, de-flea’d, wormed, chipped and health checked before being rehomed.
  • A video tour will be required of the home, in place of a home visit.
  • An adoption fee is payable to reserve the cat, which is £150 per cat.