STREET drinkers are fighting in front of children and urinating outside homes “on a daily basis” in a Westcliff street plagued by anti-social behaviour.

Frustrated residents are demanding more is done as a matter of urgency to tackle problems in Hamlet Court Road and in the nearby car park.

Residents claim the area has been used by street drinkers for a long time, but the situation has become worse in recent weeks with police called to break up a brawl in front of children leaving school.

The area is covered by a public space protection order which bans antisocial behaviour, alcohol consumption, drug use, and begging and offenders could be hit by fines.

One Hamlet Court Road resident, who asked not to be named, said a large group gathers every day to drink in the car park, which often leads to them “urinating in public” and fighting which spills out into the street.

Last week the situation “reached a new low” as police were called to break up a brawl.

The resident said: “It makes residents feel scared, angry, and distressed. It is causing us all a lot of distress and everyone feels at risk. The area used to be a lot more peaceful but now I fear just going out or walking past the groups because of their behaviour.

“The impact this is having on our community doesn’t just impact us but our children, the elderly, and those vulnerable in the area. We don’t want to invite friends over for fear and embarrassment of the area now.

“As the days get lighter, and the weather starts to improve it is only going to become even increasingly visible.” The resident claims to be in constant communication with police and Southend Council but “there is no improvement”.

Southend Council says it will double down on efforts to control anti-social behaviour.

James Courtenay, Southend councillor responsible for community safety and public protection, said: “We are aware of antisocial behaviour issues in the Hamlet Court Road area and our community safety unit have increased patrols to provide a more visible presence.

“Hamlet Court Road falls within a restricted area covered by a Public Spaces Protection Order that addresses various issues, including anti-social behaviour, alcohol consumption, drug use, and begging.

"If an authorised officer requires the consumption of alcohol to cease, they will request that any containers containing what they believe to be alcohol are surrendered and when necessary, issue fixed penalty notices.”

A spokesman for Essex Police added: "We were called to a report of a disturbance involving five men at the of junction of Claremont Road and London Road, Westcliff, at 2.20pm on Wednesday, February 7.

"The initial report suggested the men had been fighting. We arrived within 15 minutes and spoke to a number of men at the scene, none of whom disclosed that they been in a fight or sustained any injuries.

"They were asked to leave the area and did so."