A GUNMAN has been convicted of attempted murder after a jury unanimously convicted him of shooting a man in a Shoebury car park.

After a two-week trial into the shooting, the jury took less than 24 hours of deliberations to find Adam Valli, 22, guilty.

Valli, of Derrifall Close, London, initially denied shooting the 26-year-old victim and throughout the case it was claimed the victim had “lied” repeatedly to police and treated the hearing as “something akin to Netflix crime-drama Top Boy”.

A large group of friends including Valli and the victim attended a charity boxing event at the Troxy Nightclub, east London, on May 14.

An argument broke out about a lift home as Valli told the victim there wasn’t space in the car for two girls he had been speaking to outside the club.

Valli allegedly told the victim he wanted to “finish the argument” in a phone call before a chase took place on the A127.

It was claimed that both the victim and Valli got into the same car before Valli pulled out a gun.

The car was then driven to Frobisher Way, in Shoebury and the victim was shot in the leg in a car park just after 2am.

He then fled the scene before being arrested after the victim named him in an interview with police from his hospital bed.

In summing up, Judge Ian Graham read an excerpt from the victim’s initial interview with police.

It read: “I considered Adam a friend but it was a toxic relationship, I’m still unsure as to why he shot me.

“I had a crazy pain and there was a fountain of blood coming from my leg.

“Adam didn’t shoot me in the head because he wanted me to have a slow death, he wanted to hurt me.”

The jury previously heard the extent of the injuries in agreed facts read out by prosecutor Allister Walker.

The victim was shot by a Tokarev self-loading pistol and he suffered a major injury to his femoral artery as well as a fracture to his thigh bone with multiple bone fragments shattered between them.

Upon first speaking to the police, the victim said he was shot in a robbery by a “white boy” wearing a mask but revealed Valli as the shooter a few hours later.

Valli will now be sentenced at Basildon Crown Court at a date yet to be announced.