A FURIOUS resident has slammed Southend Council for hitting her with a parking fine, despite giving them the heads up she was changing her registration.

Southend resident, Stef Russell, contacted the council at the start of the year to ask for her parking permit to be updated to include her new car.

However, despite warning the council she will be using the car from February 5, she was still hit with a fine and her appeal repeatedly rejected.

The 38-year-old parks in Warrior Square every day for work using the Southend Parking Pass scheme which allows residents to a pay a monthly fee to park in council-owned car parks.

After being contacted by the Echo yesterday lunchtime, Southend Council rescinded the fine within hours.

Echo: Warrior Square car parkWarrior Square car park (Image: Google Street View)

Ms Russell said: “I was fuming.

“I had an email from them stating changes from my old vehicles registration to my new vehicle registration would be done on February 5.

“They had my details, and they knew I was changing the car and I paid £16.50 for that privilege. I can’t see how it could cost that much to change my vehicle.

“I have told the council I had paid £16.50 to have the parking permit changed and received confirmation the week before but I heard nothing from them.

“Three times I have been told by the council that they cannot change anything.

“I must wait 28 days for an appeal letter and if they decide to reject the appeal, then the fine will be doubled from £25 to £50.”

Ms Russell added that she has been left so angry from the ordeal that she would attempt to avoid the council permit scheme entirely in future.

Ms Russell said: “It puts your back against the wall, I would now look to park elsewhere.”

An email sent to Ms Russell yesterday afternoon confirmed the council has now "waived the fine as a gesture of goodwill" and any further action has been cancelled.

Prior to Ms Russel receiving the email, a council spokesperson said: “We received a complaint about this PCN appeal on Friday and are considering this through our established processes. The resident will receive an update in due course.”