SOUTHEND’S police station was evacuated after two “unexploded devices” were taken into the building, prompting an alert in the city centre.

Specialist bomb disposal experts were called to the station, in Victoria Avenue, yesterday afternoon to dispose of the two devices.

The police station was cleared as a precaution with a large cordon surrounding the building, which neighbours the magistrates’ court and Civic Centre.

Officers manned the cordon around the station until it was lifted and staff were allowed to re-enter the building just after 4.15pm.

When asked by the Echo, Essex Police confirmed the “objects were brought to the station for disposal by a member of the public”.

As a result, Essex Police has warned residents to “always call 999” if they believe they have found an unexploded device.

Yesterday afternoon, a spokesman for Essex Police said: “Thanks for your patience while we made sure Southend Police Station was safe.

“Two potential unexploded devices were identified at the station and, after we evacuated the building, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit disposed of both objects.

“We have now lifted the cordon in place at the station.”

Echo: Staff were allowed to re-enter the building at 4.15pm.Staff were allowed to re-enter the building at 4.15pm. (Image: Ben Shahrabi)

It is unclear at this stage what the devices taken to the police station were, however the force confirmed they have now been disposed of.

The station will re-open to the public this morning.

Police shared advice to residents who may encounter similar devices.

A spokesman said: “If you think you have found an unexploded object, do not move it and always call 999 to make sure it is disposed of by trained specialists.”

At 3pm, a police spokesman warned officers had closed and evacuated the station as a precaution, urging the public “not to worry if you see lots of activity” at the building.

They added: “We have taken this precaution to enable us to safely dispose of an unexploded device.”