THE victim of an unprovoked high street attack was left in “complete fear” after being slashed with keys and punched.

Lisa Allen, 43, and Michael Darcey, 37, assaulted the victim outside WH Smith in Southend High Street and left him “gushing with blood”.

During the unprovoked attacked, the pair armed themselves with keys to punch and slash at the victim repeatedly.

Allen was also in breach of a five-year restraining order instructing her to stay away from Darcey which was imposed on January 16, 2023.

They both admitted unlawful wounding and were sentenced at Basildon Crown Court yesterday.

Harry Hewitt, prosecuting, said: “As officers dealt with the victim it was noted he had wounds to his head, face, arms and back, as well as his clothing being ripped.

“It is right to say he was offered to be taken to hospital but he declined.”

Recorder Henry Gordon addressed the defendants on the severity of their offences.

He said: “Mr Darcey you were seen levelling multiple blows at the victim, targeting hi face and had a set of keys in your hand whilst assaulting your victim.

“Ms Allen, you were seen taking hold of the victim preventing him from escaping, also receiving an item from your pocket believed to be your keys as you swiped at his face.

“The victim was seen with blood gushing from his face onto the ground.”

Meeno Chawla mitigated for Allen in court.

She said: “Ms Allen was drinking and clearly she let her emotions overwhelm her.

“She has told me the complainant made her ‘feel worthless’ on a previous occasion and when she encountered him this time she became extremely angry.

“Ms Allen was wrongly informed by Mr Darcey that the restraining order was removed and understands she should have checked with the court or solicitors.”

George Payne represented Darcey and said she suffered from schizophrenia.

Allen, of Hastings Road, Southend, was sentenced to 21 months in prison and Darcey, of Crowstone Road, Westcliff, was handed a 14 month sentence suspended for 24 months with 40 rehabilitation activity requirement days, 120 hours of unpaid work and he must pay £300 in compensation.