Dogs Trust Basildon has shared this week's pawed pals in need of new homes, including a fluffy chow chow and a French bulldog.

Coco, a chow chow

Echo: CocoCoco (Image: Dogs Trust)

Coco is a one-year-old chow chow who arrived at the centre though no fault of her own. She is a sweet girl, but she does need the right owners to help build her confidence.

She is starting to come out of her shell and loves going out for walks and to explore. She is nervous when meeting new people, but she does gradually build confidence if treated patiently. She is starting to enjoy playing with toys.

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Thor, a Pomeranian cross

Echo: ThorThor (Image: Dogs Trust)

Thor is lovely boy who is full of character. He seeks an adult-only home with no visiting children due to him being nervous around new people.

He must be muzzled and on a lead in public places. He will need experienced owners who have experience with nervous dogs, guarding behaviours and understanding of the breed. His new owners must be willing to visit him multiple times at the Centre until he is comfortable and has built a bond.

Thor needs a quiet home without many visitors, providing space when he is feeling worried. Thor must be the only dog in the home as he can be reactive to dogs out and about on walks. He will ideally need quiet walking areas which are not overpopulated with people and dogs.

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Cody, a Cocker Spaniel Cross

Echo: CodyCody (Image: Dogs Trust)

Cody is an energetic lad who is looking for an adult-only, active, rural home with ideal knowledge of the spaniel breed.

This little whirlwind will need his new owners to be patient and committed to ongoing training. Cody needs to be stimulated both mentally and physically, especially with a ball or a toy. He can be vocal and slightly distressed when left alone, so leaving hours will need to be built up over a period of time.

Cody has showed guarding behaviours so care will need to be taken around high-value toys and food. Ongoing training and guidance will be with the help of the centre's Training and Behaviour team. This will include guarding, being around strangers, dog reactivity, being with vets and grooming. Cody does have to be kept on a lead and muzzled when out on walks.

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Arlo, a Labrador-poodle cross

Echo: ArloArlo (Image: Dogs Trust)

Arlo is a sweet lad who is ready to search for his forever home. He can live with children aged 16 years old and over who are used to bouncy and energetic dogs. The Labrador-poodle cross can live with another calm dog, pending a successful dog introduction at the centre.

He is a vocal and energetic dog who loves his walks. He would benefit from a secure private garden to explore in.

Experience with energetic dogs would be desirable, with owners able to help channel all his energy.

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Nelly, a French Bulldog

Echo: NellyNelly (Image: Dogs Trust)

Super cute Nelly is looking for an adult-only home. She could possibly live with another dog, pending a dog introduction at the centre.

The five-year-old Frenchie has been a good girl in the car. She will need a private secure garden where she can potter around without any distractions as she is quite a nervous girl and does need to build confidence. Time alone must be built up slowly and her new owners must be willing to meet her multiple times at the centre before she can go home.

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