A family have thanked two hero firefighters who sprung into action to help save the life of an 18-month old boy after he fell unconscious.

A woman ran into Chelmsford Fire Station on Valentine's Day asking for medical attention for the toddler who had been having a seizure and fell unconscious while out with his mum.

Firefighters Thomas Bunting and Steven Small from the station’s blue watch immediately put their training into action, giving trauma care to the boy while calling for an ambulance.

Together they were able to help the child regain consciousness.

He was taken to hospital for further treatment and the boy’s family have since got in touch to thank the firefighters for their help, sharing the good news that he is making a good recovery.

Watch manager Gavin Ellis from Chelmsford Fire Station said: “We’re so pleased that the woman, who had been driving along the road and spotted the baby having a seizure in his mother’s arms, had the quick thinking and confidence to come to the fire station for help.

“She’d stopped and offered to take the pair to the hospital but with rush hour traffic building up, she didn’t want to take any chances in delaying medical attention.

“As soon as the situation presented itself, crews did not hesitate to fetch trauma bags from the fire engines and immediately start trauma care.

“We’re all trained in first aid and we do have to use our training often, but it is always scary when a child is involved. I’ve never been so pleased to see an ambulance in my life and it was amazing to see our ambulance colleagues in their roles bringing the boy back around.

“The best news we could have received is that he’s making a good recovery.”

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