A CELEBRITY medium forced a Channel 4 film crew who asked for "real proof" of his 'powers' to leave his house after feeling they were being “intrusive and disrespectful”.

Chris Riley, 29, from Lexden, agreed to be part of a Channel 4 documentary on YouTube called Life Uncovered.

He has a list of celebrity clients including Gemma Collins, Scott Disick and Maura Higgins and has been working as a psychic since he was a teenager.

He has more than 600,000 loyal Instagram followers.

During the show Chris spoke about how his medium abilities are “both a blessing and a curse” due to members of his family not believing him.

He told presenter and journalist of the Channel 4 documentary, Ben Zand, that he has made about £300,000 since starting.

Echo: Mind reader - Chris Riley, 29, from Lexden Mind reader - Chris Riley, 29, from Lexden (Image: Public)
Ben made clear he was sceptical of Chris's abilities but the pair visited Milsoms in Dedham for dinner, where Chris carried out an on-the-spot reading for a waitress.

He guessed her love of baking and spoke about how he could see her creating her own business making cakes.

Ben told his producer, however, he was looking for “some major proof” that his abilities were real.

“He feels as though he is being interrogated and that makes me think, why are you panicking if you believe what you’re doing so much?," he said.

During the final part of the documentary, Chris started giving a reading to Ben but then said he didn’t want to continue with the reading before kicking the film crew out.

Chris has since shared a video clip showing some of the behind-the-scenes during the filming, where he can be seen connecting with a client.

In the caption for the video, he said: “What the TV channels don’t show you…”

On Instagram, Chris said the production “selectively excluded footage from the programme” which showed positive and accurate parts.

He said: “I believe this programme failed to present a balanced view of psychic ability and seemed to be with the intent to cause embarrassment and alienate me.”

A Channel 4 spokesman said: “The Life Uncovered Channel 4 YouTube documentary series sees journalist Ben Zand lift the lid on often unconventional lifestyles and careers. 

"The scenes in this film are a fair and accurate representation of what was captured as we followed Chris’ life and work.”