A DISTRAUGHT cat owner has issued a desperate plea to find her missing moggy who vanished after becoming an unsuspecting passenger on top of a van.

Cat Ludo was last seen on the top of a Ford transit van, being driven around Southend on Friday.

It is thought Ludo had climbed onto his neighbour’s van while seeking out a sunbathing spot.

Owner Emma Topsfield, 48, had recently adopted Ludo, who was later spotted on CCTV around Thorpe Bay and the seafront.

He is understood to have gone missing in the Kursaal area.

Emma said: “The last time we saw him was on the top of my neighbour’s tall Ford transit van.

“He got into the van and slowly drove off, he felt absolutely awful. We have really been worrying about Ludo.

“We went to the Thorpe Yacht Club, and they showed us CCTV images of Ludo, on top of his van.

“He must have jumped on the fence and onto the van because it was warm and he was sunbathing, how did he stay on the van?

“He drove along the seafront to the Cliffs Pavilion and we went to the Genting Casino, and they said they couldn’t see him, so we think he jumped off at the Sea Life centre.

“We have put up posters around the Kursaal, but we have seen nothing - he is completely missing and we don’t know where he is.

“I don’t think he has ever gone this far on his travels.”

Ludo is white with a black splodge on his face and is black and white with stripes.

Ann Cushion, founder of pet rescue group, Tilly’s Angels, said: “It’s really sad, he is out of his area and what would be amazing is if people who live in the area or visit could keep an eye open for him.

“The best bet if you see him is to call the owners immediately and he will approach them, call Tilly’s Angels too but I would not suggest approaching him as he will run.

“Note the time and the direction and if he is sitting still then reach out to the owners.”