Check out this week's selection of adorable Dogs Trust Basildon pups in need of a loving home, including a foxhound and a Labrador.

Herbie, a foxhound

Echo: HerbieHerbie (Image: Dogs Trust)

Herbie would like to be the only pet in the home. He can live with older teens of 16 plus as he is a big boy and can be nervous at times.

He will need a private secure garden he can potter around in and help him with training as he has not been house-trained. Time alone should be built up slowly as it is not yet known how long he can be left alone for.

Herbie's new owners must be willing to meet him at the centre a few times before he can go home.

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Beau, a Labrador retriever

Echo: BeauBeau (Image: Dogs Trust)

Beau is ready to search for his forever home, where he can live with children 14 plus who are used to big dogs. He must be the only animal in the home.

This cute guy is a friendly boy that soon warms to people and will swamp his new owners with love and affection. Beau can be anxious towards other dogs and can be strong on the lead, so new owners will need to be aware of this. They should "take it slow" and teach Beau the appropriate management and distraction skills.

Beau is very clever and a quick learner who adores playing fetch.

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Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier

Echo: DaisyDaisy (Image: Dogs Trust)

Daisy is a nervous girl who would suit a quiet home with minimal visitors. She can live with dog savvy children over the age of 14 years old who can give her space when she is worried.

She will need a private secure garden so she can have access to help her slowly gain confidence in her new home. She is very anxious and very noise-sensitive to sudden and loud noises. Daisy can live with a neutered dog of a similar size, pending a successful dog introduction at the centre.

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Lolly, a golden retriever-pom cross

Echo: LollyLolly (Image: Dogs Trust)

Lolly is looking for an experienced home with owners who are willing to meet her multiple times. She will need a private and secure garden to potter around in without any distractions.

She must be the only pet in the home. She is looking for an adult-only home with a maximum of three people. Lolly will need her owners to be around most of the time and to build up her alone time slowly. She can be reactive towards new people and other dogs, so she needs to be on a lead in public at all times.

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Spruce, a lurcher

Echo: SpruceSpruce (Image: Dogs Trust)

Spruce is a six-year-old Lurcher who arrived at the centre through no fault of his own. He can be left alone for up to four hours, which will need to be built up over time. Spruce is a real foodie who likes his treats but can be a bit snatchy.

He loves a fluffy toy. Spruce is not used to the car, so this will need to built up slowly with patience and training.

Super spruce is a sweet chap with lots of love to give.

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