Star of Hollyoaks and I'm a Celebrity Owen Warner has shared his encounter with an angry dog owner after they left their pets in a locked car.

Warner, posted the video on Instagram, showing two small white dogs left locked in the car, concerned that there was no way for oxygen as all windows of the car were shut.

Taking it into his own hands, Warner stayed by the car for two hours awaiting the return of the owners.

The Hollyoaks star, who plays Romeo Nightingale, had just finished his show at Hits UK radio when he discovered the dogs and began to film the incident that took place in an underground car park.

Hollyoaks star Owen Warner confronts dog owner

In the video posted to Instagram, Owen shared with followers: "So I finished the radio show over an hour ago and I am now spending my sat night stood by this car because people don't know how to look after dogs."

Showing a small white dog sitting in the driver's seat, Owen added: "Poor little dog was barking his head off and has now settled now. No windows open."

"These poor dogs man, look at that one in the back in that tiny little cage. I don't know how long this car has been there. I know it's not that hot so it's technically not as bad but it's still bad, man. You can't leave dogs in a car with no windows open."

Later on, the video shows the owners of the pets walking towards their car as Owen says: "you left two dogs in there!"

As the owner replies "Yeah, and?" seeing the Hollyoaks star share that he had called "the police and RSPCA, no windows open. Look how distressed they are, man."

Not happy with Owen's actions, the dog's owner replies: "What's your f****** problem, stop videoing me." 

Owen replies: "Don't touch me bro, I am going to video you. You have got a little cage like that, no respect or apologies to the dogs?"

The discussion continued as Owen added: "Learn to look after your dogs, don't leave them in the car for that long just because you want to go for a meal."

The soap star posted the video to Instagram captioning: "I wasn’t going to post this but the lack of remorse shown and aggression towards me made me think I should, don’t get dogs if you don’t know how to look after them."