FURIOUS residents have hit out at a huge illuminated advertisement board on the side of the Victoria Shopping Centre which “turned their homes green”.

Over the weekend, the huge screen was installed on the side of the Southend shopping centre but during “testing” phase it was illuminated bright green.

Wesley Neville, who lives in a block of flats opposite, was left in shock after the light turned the wall inside his home “bright green” as it glared through the window.

Southend Council has confirmed the screen is now displaying advertisements so will no longer be green and will be turned off between 10pm and 6am.

Mr Neville, 33, said: “It was so bright. My wall is white, and it ended up being half green.

“I saw it being installed, wondered what it was, and then all of a sudden around the weekend everything turned green around me. I looked at my balcony and it looked like a nightclub, stepped outside on my balcony, and was surprised to see a bright light glaring at me.

Wesley added: “It has calmed down now. But in the plans, they stated there were no residents near it, but clearly, they didn’t think about Victoria Avenue.

“I am hoping that if this is an advertisement board, it at least helps with supporting the upkeep of road and safety locally.

“I just hope if they do anything similar to this, they think about us going forward and not have it so bright.”

Colin Campbell, Tory councillor responsible for economic growth and investment, said the green illuminated screen will not return.

He added: “I quite agree that a large and bright green screen isn’t acceptable, and I am therefore pleased to have received reassurances today that this won’t continue.

“The screen has been paid for and installed by an external advertising company at no cost to fellow Southend taxpayers. The screen is now operational, and adverts are showing on the screen as opposed to the block green LED lighting which was visible during the testing phase at the weekend. The LED lights that illuminate the screen will be turned off from 10pm to 6am.”