The HIGH value winners of the latest Premium Bond prize draw have been announced with three lucky people in Essex scooping a huge £100,000 prize each.

National Savings and Investment (NS&I) has announced the top Premium Bond winners for March 2024 today.

Every month, two winners take home £1million but plenty of other prizes are available, with 71 people winning the second prize of £100,000 and 141 claiming £50,000.

In Essex, three residents have claimed the six-figure Premium Bonds prize this month.

Eleven people in the county also won £50,000, 15 won £25,000, and a huge 31 scooped the £10,000 prize. 

One of the Essex winners who claimed £100,000 - with the bond number 420YH744276 - has an overall holding of £21,525. The winning bond was valued at £20,000 and purchased in November 2020.

The two other £100,000-winning bond numbers were 226JV064745 and 497FW798748. 

How can I check if I have won in the Premium Bond prize draws?

You can check the March 2024 top Premium Bonds winners via the NS&I website here.

Premium Bonds are the UK's biggest savings product, with more than 24 million people saving over £122 billion in them, according to Money Saving Expert.

To find out if you have ever won a Premium Bonds prize, you will need to dig out your holder's information and head over to the prize checker.

You will need your holder’s number which you can find on your bond record, or in the app.

You can also use your NS&I number which you should be able to find on any communication about your bonds.