The Basildon branch of Dogs Trust has shared this week's five dogs searching for a new home, including a Siberian husky and a French bulldog.

Boom, a Siberian husky

Echo: BoomBoom (Image: Dogs Trust)

Boom arrived at the centre though no fault of his own. He is a one-year-old husky.

He is a lovely boy who is very lively and bouncy. He needs a home where he will get lots of exercise, along with mental and physical stimulation.

Boom enjoys food but can be a little bit fussy, so his new owners should use "high value" techniques to help with training. He loves playing chase with toys.

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Boris, a French bulldog

Echo: BorisBoris (Image: Dogs Trust)

Boris is such a lovely boy. He is approximately a six-year-old French bulldog, so new owners need to have a good understanding of any breathing issues this breed may have.

He loves a fuss from people and will always welcome a cuddle. Boris enjoys food and will take treats nicely. He also has a keen interest in toys.

Boris has got ongoing skin issues, so his new owners must be willing to take on some medical cost.

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Milo, a Labrador-spaniel cross

Echo: MiloMilo (Image: Dogs Trust)

Milo is a really sweet Labrador-Spaniel cross of approximately 10 months old. 

He is a lovely lad looking for an active home, where he will be taken out for lots of fun adventures. He loves to cuddle and is very affectionate, although he is still young and will jump up so he needs to learn to keep four paws on the floor.

Milo is very playful and enjoys playing with his toys. He travels well in the car and has been housetrained in a foster home. He must have a private secure garden which he can potter around in.

Leaving hours will need to be minimal and built up slowly over time, once he his settled in his new home. He has a history of being destructive.

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Hewey, a border collie

Echo: HeweyHewey (Image: Dogs Trust)

Hewey is a two-year, three-month-old collie who arrived at the centre through no fault of his own. Being a collie means he is super smart and enjoys mental stimulation as well as being very physical.

He can be vocal when left alone and is not used to the car, so journeys will need to build up slowly with patience and training.

This super lad needs ongoing dog socialisation. A little love and understanding will, in return, give you a very lovely and affectionate companion.

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Lolly, a golden retriever cross

Echo: LollyLolly (Image: Dogs Trust)

Lolly is a three-and-a-half-year-old Retriever-Pomeranian cross and is a sweet girl with bundles of energy.

She is looking for an active home. Lolly can be very nervous when meeting new people but once she gets to know you and build a bond, she is very affectionate and playful.

Lolly is super clever and loves her training. She will need to be muzzled on her vet visits.

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