HUNDREDS of primary school leavers in Southend won’t be going to their first choice secondary school in September.

Out of the 2,025 children in the city joining Year 7 in the autumn term, 328 youngsters didn’t get accepted at their top choice, Southend Council data reveals.

The council says 84 per cent of pupils were offered their first choice, matching last year’s data.

Of the remaining applicants, nine per cent were offered their second choice and four per cent were offered their third choice, while 34 pupils were offered a place at a school which was not on their application form.

Echo: The data has been released by Southend CouncilThe data has been released by Southend Council


Helen Boyd, the Conservative councillor responsible for children and learning, says she is “very pleased” 97 per cent of pupils were offered one of their top three choices for the second year in a row.

“Every year the whole team works hard to ensure that those who have applied are offered a place,” she said.

“It is great that the majority of pupils have got their preferred school place, but we are always conscious that there are a small number of disappointed families who did not receive any of their top three choices, and I would like to encourage those families to communicate any concerns they may have with the school admission officers.

“The council remains committed to supporting and continually improving all of our schools across the city, which will help to ensure that there are sufficient places offering good quality and choice to local parents and carers.”