A RESTAURANT in Hadleigh which turns itself into a nightclub for those with disabilities has revealed how it has changed people’s lives forever.

La Quinta Restaurant, in Benfleet Road, Hadleigh, is home to Blaze, which is a party night every Thursday for people over 18 with various disabilities.

The inclusive club night, which boasts themed parties and tribute acts, has more than 100 people attending regularly.

Brothers Simon and Rupert Duke first founded Blaze back in 2010 after witnessing the effects of discrimination firsthand.

It came after a La Quinta staff member’s daughter with cerebral palsy was mistakenly thrown out of a casino for being “too drunk” due to her unsteady balance caused by the condition.

Blaze was thus created to be wholly dedicated to inclusivity and accessibility, by creating a safe space for people with disabilities to enjoy a night out while dancing the night away and meeting new people.

For some, like nearby resident Chris, who has cerebral palsy, the event has changed his life forever.

He landed a job with La Quinta as an assistant chef and then went on to meet his fiancé Faye at an event.

When Chris, 38, met Faye - who fell off a horse when she was ten causing permanent damage - they hit it off straight away.

They are now happily engaged and looking to buy a house together. They still attend the club night every week.

Faye, 32, added: “It gets us out and socialising with other people. Everyone knows everyone here - it’s like a family.

"Me and Chris have been engaged since he proposed to me in Disneyworld Florida. We are massive Disney fans, so this was really special for us.”

Rupert Duke said: “It puts a bit of faith back in humanity. Nobody here cares about each other’s differences and they welcome everyone, whoever they are.

“It is so heartwarming, especially when you see new friendships and relationships blossom, like Chris and Faye.”

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible, and doors are open from 7pm to 10pm.