FURIOUS residents have demanded something is done after "disgusting" waste was left just metres from homes.

The waste, which includes an old bathtub and black bin bags, was dumped in Shaftesbury Avenue, Southend.

Distressed residents have reported it to Southend Council but the authority says it is powerless to do anything as they do not own the land.

Southend Tory cabinet member for public health and adult social care, Daniel Nelson (inset), has called for the tougher policies.

Mr Nelson said: “This is a private alleyway and there are problems across the whole city with this.

“We get this in Southchurch a lot – it often blocks the entrances to homes, which is quite concerning.

“While this dump is not toxic, I would advise people not to attempt to clear the waste themselves.

“There is no jurisdiction on these things. They are in strange private pieces of land often not owned by a single individual and sometimes they are unaware they are responsible. What we need to do next civic year is get to grips with these private alleyways and have updated fly-tipping policies. The current council view is to shrug shoulders, which is wrong.

“My call is for the council to develop policies that tackle this issue.

A Shaftesbury Avenue resident said: “It is disgusting. I have only been living here for a few months and I have reported it to the council.

“It’s difficult to see because it is overgrown. There are large containers, an old bath, a lot of waste and graffiti on the site. It is not a small amount.

“It is a nature reserve site that is very close to the Southchurch Park Lake. The containers could have something in them.

“If this isn’t sorted out now, it will get so much worse, and it really is quite disgusting.”

A Southend Council spokesman said: “This is not council land.

“We are contacting the owner to advise them that waste has been left on their land.

“Our officers found no evidence of pests and the waste is not considered noxious.”