A GP surgery in Southend where inspectors found some test results had not been processed for three months has been ordered to improve.

Dr Irlam and Partners, known as Central Surgery, in Southchurch Boulevard, has been rated requires improvement by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Inspectors found some test results which were up to three months old were yet to be processed and communicated to patients.

The report stated: “We found one breach of regulations. The provider must improve the documented approach to the management of test results.

“The provider must also ensure that all patients received effective treatment and medicine reviews as well as improve the system to respond to safety alerts from a variety of sources.

“There was a documented approach to the management of test results, and this was generally managed in a timely manner.

“However, we saw some test results from the three months preceding the inspection which were still in the documents inbox awaiting processing.

“Staff told us that they had been reviewed and required no further action and were awaiting filing. Some patients required further monitoring action to meet best practice guidance for the treatment being provided.”

The practice delivers services to a patient population of around 8,000.

The last inspection, in January 2016, saw the GP surgery rated good in all areas.

Inspectors added: “The provider should continue to take action to ensure the safe management of the document’s inbox.

“Continue with efforts to improve the uptake of cervical screening and progress work with the installation of a new telephony system to improve patient satisfaction.”

The surgery was rated requires improvement overall and in areas of safe and responsive to people’s needs.

However, the surgery was rated good in areas of being effective, caring, and well-led.

A spokesman for Central Surgery said: “Making sure patients receive safe and high quality services is of utmost importance to us.

“We are taking immediate action to ensure policies and procedures are reviewed and updated as well as implementing an action plan to deliver immediate and urgent improvements to address the concerns raised.”

The surgery urged any patients to contact admin.mailboxf81086@nhs.net if they have concerns.