A new procedure will speed up treatment and recovery for Southend patients with heart failure.

The medical innovation, known as left bundle branch pacing (LBBP), is being used for the first time at Southend Hospital, which is part of Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust.

LBBP targets those with a blockage in the heart which prevents its two sides from pumping in tandem.

By applying this procedure, the heart can be made to pump in synchronisation, thereby diminishing the risk of heart failure.

In practical terms, doctors manoeuvre a lead attached to a pacemaker and secure it to the wall dividing the heart, making it beat in sync.

Safe and efficient, LBBP not only trumps alternative treatments, it vastly reduces hospitalisation time too.

Advantageously, patients can leave the hospital on the day of the procedure.

This means that a greater number of patients can be attended to on a daily basis.

Echo: Left bundle branch pacing (LBBP) is being used for the first time at Southend Hospital

The positive impact of LBBP has already been noted at the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre in Basildon Hospital.

Dr Sajjad Mazhar, consultant cardiologist and part of the team that launched the service, said: "The LBBP is very safe and helps a patient’s heart pump much better.

"We are currently using this method for patients whose heart structure means they can’t receive normal treatment.

"We are researching more into it so that we can treat more patients using the procedure."

Implementation of the system was led by Mr Mazhar, alongside Dr Neil Srinivasan, Dr Mark Passey and Katy Donaldson.