Planning your journey for the day and want to avoid long queues? We’ve looked at the latest Government data and ranked the major Southend roads with the worst delays.

The data looks at how many seconds a vehicle is held up per mile travelled on average between 2019 and 2023.

We’ve ranked the A roads included to see which were the worst for delays in Southend last year.

Shockingly, five of the six A roads in the city saw longer delays than the average in England - including the A13 and A127. The country's average was 47.9 seconds per mile in 2023.

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Southend roads with the longest delays revealed

We’ve ranked the roads from best to worst in relation to the average delays experienced on them in 2023.

  • A1159 - average delay of 44.9 seconds per mile 
  • A1160 - average delay of 52 seconds per mile 
  • A1015 - average delay of 69.3 seconds per mile 
  • A127 - average delay of 69.3 seconds per mile 
  • A13 - average delay of 79 seconds per mile 
  • A1158 - average delay of 99.1 seconds per mile